"When it comes to kitchen hood fire suppression, we design hazard-specific wet chemical fire suppression systems to meet your needs and our factory trained technicians give you additional support by installing, upgrading, repairing and maintaining them on a consistent basis.”

We Design Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems

Kitchen fire suppression systems work by reducing fires with a wet chemical. The chemical used depends on the manufacturer; However, it's usually a potassium-based chemical. The chemical becomes a foam blanket under the hood which traps combustible vapors and prevents the fire from feeding on more oxygen. Another popular system on the market uses a wet chemical and water which keeps forming the foam blanket and cools the cooking equipment much faster.

ANSUL fire suppression systems are commonly used in diners, fast food chains, food courts, sports complexes, cafeterias, convenience stores, hotels, gourmet restaurants and other food service establishments.

Why is a Kitchen Fire Suppression System Important?

A kitchen fire suppression system is crucial for the following reasons:

      Fast Response: Fires in kitchens can start quickly due to the presence of many factors such ascooking oils, grease, and flammable materials. A fire suppression system responds rapidly, containing or extinguishing the fire before it spreads.
      Minimal Damage: Such systems help in minimizing damage by quickly tackling the fire. They prevent flames from spreading to other parts of the kitchen or the building, reducing potential destruction.
      Safety: Kitchen fires can pose a significant threat to the safety of individuals present in the vicinity. A suppression system helps in protecting the people in the area by quickly controlling the fire.
      Compliance: Many jurisdictions and insurance providers mandate the installation of fire suppression systems in commercial kitchens to comply with safety regulations. Adhering to these regulations ensures a safer environment for both employees and customers.
      Business Continuity: For businesses in the food industry, kitchen fires can halt operations, leading to financial losses. Having a suppression system in place can minimize downtime and ensure continuity in operations.

A kitchen fire suppression system is a vital safety measure to prevent fires from escalating and maintain business continuity. Contact Allstate Fire Equipment today for help with your kitchen fire suppression system.

Allstate Fire Equipment service technicians are factory trained and certified by the top system manufacturers to design, install, and inspect your fire protection equipment. Contact us to find a location near you or call our customer service department today

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